With its flexible design architecture, Nagios XI is able to meet the needs of your IT infrastructure environment and monitor nearly any network device.

Powerful Monitoring Engine

Nagios XI uses the Nagios Core 4 monitoring engine to provide users with efficient, scalable monitoring of nearly any network infrastructure. XI allows users to utilize server resources efficiently, maximize their monitoring performance, and maintain a healthy network environment.

Updated Web Interface

A powerful home screen dashboard provides users with a high-level overview of hosts, services, and network devices. The newly improved theme provides a quick and easy-to-navigate interface for increased performance and ease of use.

Performance & Capacity Planning

Automated, integrated trending and capacity planning graphs allow organizations to plan for infrastructure upgrades before outdated systems catch them by surprise. Performance graphs are automatically created when devices are configured in Nagios XI.

Configuration Wizards

Configure network devices quickly and easily with UI-based Configuration Wizards. Tailor Nagios XI to meet user’s specific needs and monitor entire infrastructures with a few simple clicks.

Configuration Snapshot Archive

Provides users with an archive of past configuration snapshots to revert to if problems occur in the current configuration. The Configuration Snapshot feature saves the most recent configurations in addition to any snapshots that are archived. The Snapshot Archive ensures configurations are organized, secure, and allows for a quick recovery when needed.

Advanced User Management

Easily setup and manage user accounts with only a few clicks. Assign custom roles to ensure a secure environment for system administrators. User-specific notification preferences allow users to customize alert settings and notification messages to meet their needs.

Advanced Infrastructure

Multi-Tenancy capabilities allow IT teams to work together efficiently and effectively to keep the network running smoothly. Read-only user access allows for a look inside the network flow data while ensuring a secure environment for system administrators.

Monitoring Server Integration

Seamlessly integrate Nagios XI with Nagios Network Analyzer, Incident Manager, and Fusion to create an IT management system specifically tailored to your environment.

Service-Level Agreement (SLA)

Seamlessly integrate Nagios Network
Analyzer with Nagios XI to see exact server loads and hard disk space in the XI system. Easily create Nagios checks within Network Analyzer to send critical system metrics to your Nagios XI monitoring interface with the click of a button.


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