Get 2-months worth of money cashback* when you sign a contract as an MSP partner / Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud partner reseller of Sagesoft Solutions Inc. today until June 30, 2021!


  • Partner shall sign a contract with Sagesoft Solutions as an official Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud partner reseller to qualify for the promo.
  • Money cashback will be given depending on the Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud committed tier the partner has signed up to.
  • The money cashback the partner will get in their 3rd month as an MSP partner reseller is equal to their commitment tier. Any exceeding amount on top of the committed tier will not be credited in the money cashback.
  • This promo cannot be in conjunction with other promos for money cashback to apply.
  • Sign-up promo is valid until June 30, 2021 only.


Now is the time. Welcome the new age of Cyber Security and Protection with Sagesoft Solutions and Acronis and sign up as an MSP partner reseller today! Reach out to us via email at for inquiries.

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