About ExpressPay Inc.

ExpressPay Inc. is an aggregator operating in the Philippines, with the primary purpose of providing information technology solutions to banks, financial institutions and other entities, involving electronic fund transactions such as remittances of local and foreign funds, electronic fund transfers, credit and debit transactions, and other electronic commercial transactions of similar nature. Through its user-friendly proprietary system, E-Payment System, and its nationwide network of Franchisee Outlets, the Company provides access to financial and non-financial services to communities across the Philippines, especially those in the unbanked sector.

Executive Summary

Express Pay Inc. (EPI) is an financial aggregator operating in the Philippines. EPI challenge is that they are growing in a fast phase as well as growing cost that they needed a solution that is scalable and has the agility to cope up with their growth as well as they want to focus on their core business and not managing their own I.T. infrastructure thus the need of a right partner to manage and maintain their I.T. infrastructure.

Customer Challenge

The most challenging incidents that was encountered was the slow server performance during office hours. Most of the time the server slowness is due to exceeding CPU and memory utilization. As of now our server instance type are outdated. To fix this problem we consult the issue to our AWS Support thru SSI. If it contributes to the slow performance.

There is an ongoing effort to remediate these challenges though will not be an immediate fix as there are several complex configurations on the DEVOPS side that has to be determine properly. The System Rearchitecture project is also in the pipeline and this will contribute a lot in the permanent fix of these challenges. If these incidents are not addressed, there will be some pain points in terms of actual performance specially on peak time, however, ongoing remediation are being done to address the current situation.

Why AWS?

Build with powerful services and platforms, Secured Data, Analyze all data in one. Durable for a long-term services. Efficient to upgrade or downgrade Server Storage. I can easily set Server Disaster Recovery just in case of catastrophe. Cost effective options for backup and data archiving. Scalable compute capacity for Microsoft and Unix applications. Easily manage and secure workloads.

Why Sagesoft Solutions Inc.?

Sagesoft Solutions, Inc. is an Information Technology Company delivering consultancy, application, technology and support, for small to medium enterprises all the way to large enterprises. They are committed to reach their customer’s success using cloud computing and to provide them the right strategic information system that will give them their competitive edge, making them better.

Aside from being an authorize AWS provider and a AWS Select Partner, SSI has also certified AWS engineers who can provide support and maintenance for ExpressPay Inc. current infrastructure and getting a more faster interaction since location wise is relatively accessible to ExpressPay office location.

Results and Benefits

Since SSI started to manage EPI infrastructure in AWS, EPI got the increase success rate in deployment and archiving. EPI also received a daily monitoring / Health Check in EPI AWS Server. EPI can easily address the issue because there is daily someone monitoring it. Also, EPI receives from SSI daily and weekly report for AWS Events. More optimize infrastructure since SSI started to manage and maintain EPI AWS infrastructure. For deployment and archiving, the IT Infra team does not need to extend time for AWS Activities they can now focus on other I.T. matters that would help in EPI business operation since SSI is managing and maintaining EPI AWS IT Infrastructures.

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